Flutter Wedding Car Kit

Flutter Wedding Car Kit


Personalised for your wedding! Flutter Wedding Car Kit is perfect for the kids table as gifts for those attending. Instead of asking "When's dinner?", they'll be too busy decorating their kits. For that personal touch, each cake is personally engraved with the initials of the happy couple and the date of the wedding - a keepsake for all time! 


The Flutter Wedding Car Kit includes the base, car, cake, groom dog, travel case, bride and groom. If you prefer two brides or two grooms, just let me know! Easy peasy!


Each kit can be mixed with other Flutterwood kits for new scenes and creations, so the children get to choose what goes where when they build the collection


Check out current multi-buy deals; From 3 kits and up you save 15-25% discount!

Use these promo codes at checkout:

3 kits €46 (code 15%for3+)    

5 kits €72 (code 20%for5+)   

10 kits €135 (code 25%for10+)   

15 kits €202.50 (code 25%for10+)  

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