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Interactive & DIY Wooden Toy Gifts for big kids too!

Wooden Toys look amazing, better than their plastic counterparts, and last a lifetime, which is great for passing on to grandchildren down the road. BUT, there is a perception that they may not be as fun as the plastic toys. Why is this? I think, in the past, wooden toys were seen as baby and toddler led and as such chunky and not very interactive.

Flutter Tree Pond Pirates activity creative play kits with

Substitute plastic toys for wooden toys and you get something that looks good on the sitting room floor!!

Well a lot has happened with wooden toys, and they are oh so fun with many that are DIY orientated. The best toys for me, wooden or otherwise, let children use their creativity and imagination while interacting with them to put them together, AND are of play value after assembly. It's no good painting a masterpiece of a toy or craft, and letting it sit on the shelf of windowsill of the children's room gathering dust!

Read on or scroll below to see some fab images of very cool wooden toys and if you like, use Pinterest to check out "wooden toys for older children.

Flutter Tree Kits

When my own children were babies and toddlers I favoured more natural wooden and fabric toys. Then reality set in and they "grew out" of these toys and favoured what they saw on the TV and in the toy shop magazines. I begrudgingly gave in and followed the masses, but don't get me wrong, some of them are pretty great. We are huge lego fans in our house too.

However this led me to create my own toy, Flutter Tree Kits. I wanted something that was wood based but I didn't want something that just looked good. I wanted something creative and yet playful. I wanted kids to go back to the toy after creation and play with it again.

Flutter Tree Kits - 3D interactive DIY creative play kits - comes in a beautiful jute drawstring bag

Since those early days, I've discovered that I'm not alone. There are so many handmade wooden toys and others that are designer-maker. More and more people are creating wooden toys for older children too. Toys that are multifunctional and give parents peace of mind that they've given their children a gift that enhances their creativity and imagination, while using natural wood products that are a keepsake, but great fun too. That's what I wanted for my children and its what I present to the world as my offering to keep kids creative.

Here are some of my favourite wooden toys that do just that - they look good, have creative and imaginative play value is assembly and/or decoration, and can be played with again and again: The text for each toy is from the toy's own sites.


PlayShapes is a modular set of 74 geometric wooden shapes which can be endlessly arranged or stacked to produce hundreds of fabulous 3D creations. The smooth shapes, with flashes of colour are pleasingly crafted in rubberwood which can also be used as drawing templates. The intrinsic simplicity of the product and clarity of design allow children and adults alike to fully engage in the joy of creative play. The set comes boxed along with a printed, unbleached cotton drawstring bag and a set of illustrations. Approx €100

74 shapes crafted from environmentally-friendly, durable rubber wood, Image Ref: Rume.co.uk

Trodelio Stackhouse Dollhouse

For the child with an ever growing imagination, the new Stackhouse Dollhouse from Toideloi is a dream come true. Feeling like a fabulous condo, a skyscraper, a small fairy village or even a castle? Stackhouse can be all that and more. The Toideloi Stackhouse is a big (or sometimes small) wonderful new modular dollhouse. Children can easily change Stackhouse by rearranging and stacking the various rooms, balconies and roofs into many new and unique structures. Stackhouse is totally expandable – it can be as small or as big as your child likes, plus this cool dollhouse is eco-friendly to boot.

Trodelio Stackhouse Dollhouse - Modular collectable house. Image Ref: inhabitat.com

Natural Wood Toy *TEN PIN BOWLING* Game

Natural classic fun that's durable enough to handle any tough toddler play. This set is made from solid wood and is small enough to tote anywhere. Your little one will have so much fun setting the pins up in the hallway or on a table. Watch with excitement when they knock them down. This is perfect indoor winter play at its best! Ships to you in a muslin bag. Etsy - Approx €23

10 Wood Pin Bowling is a MUST for any kid. Image Ref: Etsy

Alphabet Jigsaws map of Ireland

These jigsaw puzzles are suitable for 3 to 10 year olds and there are four distinct ranges to choose from. Included in the price of each model is a brightly coloured cotton bag in which to store the pieces after opening. Approx: €37

Alphabet Jigsaw map of Ireland. Image Ref: idmodels

Kapla 200

It is hard to find a toy that will interest children of all ages but Kapla certainly does that. No glue, no screws, each block is perfectly even and can be stacked in so many ways. The box includes a design booklet but children always seem to know what to do with these. Build the tallest tower and let it all fall, get into intricate designs. Each box has 200 pieces and booklet. Approx €60

Kapla 200 Box - building blocks for kids of all ages. Image Ref:Mimitoys

They're are so many great wood toys out there that are interactive and for all age groups. Just go check out for yourself on Pinterest: wooden interactive toys for older children

Happy hunting from Dee and the gang below @ Flutter Tree!

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