About Flutterwood


Welcome to Flutterwood, an enchanted place where the Flutterwood people live and enjoy their woodland setting. But they need to work hard to provide a good harvest for their winter feed. They rely on the kindness of you, the woodland visitor to help protect their wood so that it can be enjoyed by each and every one of us for a long time to come, and so that it can be their home forever!

Flutterwood has a fairy friend called Flutter, who visits via the Flutter Tree in the Flutter Garden. She watches over our Flutterwood  families. She only visits on occasion and often when her help is needed. But, for the most part our Flutterwood friends need to fend for themselves. Thats why they need you to help them keep the forest and woodlands tidy. And don't forget about the woodland pond! Without your help and the help of the Pond Pirates, the pond would clog up. No birds or wildlife could live there. It's a good job the "Pond Pirates" are in charge of this place.

Our Flutter Tree Story

"Flutterwood" and Flutter Tree are a creation out of what many families enjoy, woodland rambles and imaginations. Our family is no different. We like nothing better than to head down to St. Anne's Park on a frosty morning, a sunny afternoon, or an autumnal leaf kicking jaunt. Our children have great imaginations and love nothing better than playing. I can safely say, all our toys are played with constantly. 

Our love for the woodland has transferred to our home with a homemade fairy garden and treehouse. Our kids have a house fairy that visits us called Flutter, the garden fairy. This is where "Flutter Tree" came from. We didn't want our story to be about Flutter though. We wanted it to be about our woodland and open up this free, natural resource to everyone. By setting other kids' imaginations alive with our woodland creations and stories, maybe they too will take that dip into their woodland and find the joys we have been enjoying.

Simply colour in your kit and decorate with the crayons and stickers provided. Add your own too! You can bring these kits anywhere, decorated anywhere, construct and deconstruct. Just bag them up in the beautiful drawstring bag.

This is me, Dee! Creator of Flutter Tree. With my family by my side on our many woodland adventures, the world of FLutterwood came to life.